Who’s Laughing Now? (Hopefully Everyone.)

Nanaimoites, by necessity, have a good sense of humour. We are known for a sugar-coma inducing dessert, racing appliances and a pirate mayor. In recent months Brent Butt, Debra DiGiovanni, and The Snowed in Comedy Tour have put… Read More

The Dangers of Sleeping Naked

Artist Mike Holmes used to do a weekly comic in The Coast, Halifax’s weekly arts and entertainment paper. I submitted this True Story from my first year in residence at Dalhousie University. Mike has since gone on to work on… Read More

Joking around at Hecklers

  Hecklers Sports Bar in Victoria, I love you. On January 17th you were full of 150 awesome people who wanted to see comedy. I opened with a blow-job joke that everyone, including my parents, enjoyed. Weird. Chris Griffin (pictured above-bottom… Read More