One day in 2007, Emma saw a poster for a comedy competition at university. She told her best friend Megan about it and Megan encouraged her to give it a shot. Since then she has been telling jokes in dimly lit bars in Halifax and Vancouver where she is beloved by audiences but still occasionally discovers she is less interesting than karaoke, Video Lottery Terminals and people’s cell phones.

Emma’s style of comedy is honest and verges on overshare. She is the co-producer of the independent hit show ‘Rape is Real & Everywhere‘, which packed houses in 13 Canadian cities in the spring of 2016. Audiences across the country said the show helped them process their assaults, feel like they are not alone and have a big, cathartic laugh.

Emma worked with the crew at Shit Harper Did in the lead-up to the 2015 election. She was part of an interdisciplinary group of comedians, artists and activists who coordinated hundreds of thousands of supporters and donors across Canada to raise awareness about the Conservative missteps.  They, in concert with many other efforts to get rid of Harper, were successful in using humour to talk to young people and influence the election.

Emma ran a show where audiences build a giant BlanketFort together and then comedians tell stories and jokes amongst pillows and non-denominational holiday lights. She did that for 2 years. Maybe she will do it some more sometime(s).

Emma’s current comedy features themes of gender, social justice and general whatsits. She makes photo distortions and patterns based on a method shown to her by Riel Hahn and sometimes using the glitch wizard app made by Alan Lavell.

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