The Dangers of Sleeping Naked

Sometimes it doesn't pay to sleep naked.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to sleep naked.

Artist Mike Holmes used to do a weekly comic in The Coast, Halifax’s weekly arts and entertainment paper. I submitted this True Story from my first year in residence at Dalhousie University. Mike has since gone on to work on Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. I like to think that it has nothing to do with me. Oh, it doesn’t? Well, good.

In residence I shared a room with Megan, who has remained an amazing friend to me. We bonded over being strong, independent women who both brought our somewhat mangled teddy bears across Canada to university.

It used to be that you could walk into our dorm room and find the middle of the room immediately because my side of the floor was completely covered in bright, thrift store finds and paper, while Megan’s remained pretty tidy. We found out later that we had both lied on our application forms for roommates. I said I was ‘medium clean’ because I didn’t want to room with a slob. She said she was only ‘medium clean’ too because she didn’t want to get stuck with someone uptight. Just goes to show that you should lie a little, you might get an amazing best friend out of the deal.

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